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We love connecting face-to-face with our customers and other like-minded industry pros. Come meet us virtually or on-site and discover how Sendinblue can help you reach your business objectives objectives objectives.

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Business Automation

Thu Dec 01 2022 - Barcelona

The first and only one specialised event in automation trends applied to business and companies.

Managers, digital marketers, operations, sales and technology professionals will meet in a unique afternoon to learn about the present and future of automation and NoCode.

Discover All Features Sendinblue has to offer

Discover All Features Sendinblue has to offer

Tech For Retail

Mon Nov 28 2022 - Paris

Tech For Retail is the trade show 100% dedicated to technological and digital innovations for retail and online sales. Independent or large chain, pure player or convenience store, you are all confronted with a reality of sales and customer experience in perpetual evolution, at the same time as the competition is increasingly fierce. Adopting innovative tools is no longer an option: it’s part o...

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